How to join our secret group

You can simply ask friends or family to add you to our group however for those who do not know who their friends or family are that are already in our group you can go to the following group and request to be added to the main group.

Click here

Below is the information required to join The Original Perth Beer Economy group that has over 105,000 members.


1) Source a friend in the secret (The Original Perth Beer
Economy buy, swap, sell, free) group and get them to add
you to main page

2) Join our link group (click here) and write a post requesting you’d like to be added to the group.

An admin will then ask you to send them a friend request so they can you to the main page.

3) If you are still unable to join try contacting one of our admin members below.

Cheers Admin

: Frank Karemaker

: Paul Molony
: Jasmine Webb
: Matt Smith
: Aleesia S Smith
Chantelle Karemaker
: David Ennans